The History of Paquita Hi Beauties, Step back in time with us as we follow the journey to love of a young gypsy named Paquita. To celebrate her journey, Ballet Beautiful Master Trainer, Yuki, is hosting 2 Paquita-inspired Choreography Workshops this April! Kidnapped as an infant when her noble parents were murdered, Paquita grew up as a Spanish gypsy during the occupation of Napoleon’s troops.  After saving the life of French Officer Lucien d’Hervilly from the gypsy chief, Iñigo, she falls in love. Paquita learns of her true noble identity through a medallion that had belonged to her all her life. Upon learning of her noble birthright and that she is the cousin of Lucien, she’s able to marry her love.  

Carlotta Grisi

Paquita was created by French Ballet Master, Joseph Mazilier for the Paris Opera Ballet. Opening day was April 1, 1846 starring Carlotta Grisi as Paquita and Lucien Pepita as Lucien d’Hervilly. The ballet was so successful that it went on to debut in London two months later at Drury Lane Theatre. From there, Marius Peptia brought the piece to the Imperial Ballet of St. Petersburg, Russia in 1847. It should be noted that this was Pepita’s first ever work staged in Russia Pepita revived Paquita in 1904 adding the third act, Grand Pas Classique; a delightful wedding celebration with new music and classical dance to add vibrance to the ballet.  The Kennedy Center;The final moment of Paquita and Andrés’ wedding celebration. Credit: Valentin Baranovsky. Pepita’s Act III, Grand Pas Classique, remains the most beloved act of the performance, though many variations of Paquita have been created by different choreographers and composers. Paquita has had many variations created by different choreographers and composers. To restore what had been forgotten, Yuri Smekalov updated Paquita in 2017 for the Mariinsky Ballet - changing the story, rearranging the music, and creating his own dances to replace what had been forgotten from Acts 1 and 2 of the original Mazilier piece.  Experience the vibrant and romantic choreography with Ballet Beautiful Master Trainer, Yuki, on April 21st and 28th at 12p NYC time for a Subscriber Exclusive Choreography Workshop Livestream!  If you are not a member, subscribe today and join our Custom Workout for exclusive classes!  + Prep for Yuki’s choreography classes ahead with her ballet pro tips!  Have a beautiful workout! -The Ballet Beautiful Team